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Best Bunk Moreland Quotes

Best Bunk Moreland Quotes

Bunk Moreland

Best Bunk Moreland Quotes

Moreland: I’m just a humble motherf***er with a big-**s d***.
Freamon: You give yourself too much credit.
Moreland: Okay then. I ain’t that humble.

Other Bunk Moreland Quotes

“That’s your problem. Giving a f*** when it ain’t your turn to give a f***.”
“This ain’t Aruba, b****.”
“The bigger the lie, the more they believe.”
“Jimmy, I just bought brand new lawn chairs and a glass patio table. Now you don’t buy no s*** like that if you’re plannin’ to lose your job and go to prison.”
McNulty: You know what they call a man that pays that much attention to his clothes? 

Bunk: Yeah, a grown up.

“The Bunk is strictly a suit and tie motherf***er.”
“You see now, I’m here to tell you… this remaining silent shit ain’t nothing like they make it out to be. You up in here all tight wit’ it. Waiting for your pay lawyer. Thinkin’ you all wise, ain’t you? Naw, see… that work when you some kinda… criminal mastermind. When you ain’t been seen running from the deed. When your own f***in’ running partner ain’t in the next room, putting you in. Oh yeeaaah.. yep, yep, yep, yep, yep. He’s telling it like a little b****. We even went to Mickey Dee’s for him, ’cause he was so motherf***in’ helpful. Two quarter pounders, big fries, McDonaldland cookies… Doctor Pepper. That’s how your boy roll, righ’?”
“Aw Yeah. That Golden Rule.”

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